About us

At the heart of land and water management on Tweed

Tweed Forum was formed in 1991 “to promote the sustainable use of the whole of the Tweed catchment through holistic and integrated management and planning”. In close partnership with our members, Tweed Forum staff work to protect, enhance and restore the rich natural, built and cultural heritage of the River Tweed and its tributaries. The Forum works at both the strategic level and the project level in order to achieve tangible benefits on the ground. From our inception as an informal liaison group, we have grown to become a leader in the field of integrated land and water management.

This film offers a great introduction to the River Tweed and the work of Tweed Forum. It was submitted in support of our nomination for the Thiess International River Prize 2017. The River Tweed was one of only four rivers to make it through to the final of the global competition and came a close second to the eventual winner, the San Antonio River in Texas for its $384 million improvement project. The Tweed had made it through to the final four in recognition of the unique partnership approach developed by the Tweed Forum in order to protect and conserve the natural, built and cultural heritage of the river and its 5000 km2 catchment.


The wider Tweed Forum comprises all those organisations with an interest in the management of the Tweed and its environs. Our membership is cross-border, including both statutory and nonstatutory bodies, local stakeholder groups, the private sector and environmental NGOs. You can find more information on our member organisations here.

Board of Trustees

As a charity, Tweed Forum is guided and supported by a Board of Trustees. Our Trustees are:
James Hepburne Scott (Chairman)
Simon Henderson
Jim Hume
Norman Howitt
Debbie Playfair
Andrew Brough
Prof. Chris Spray
(Secretary: Janet Landells)

Tweed Forum Steering Group

The Tweed Forum Steering Group meets twice a year. A representative group, chosen from the main Tweed Forum membership, it holds delegated authority over key decision-making powers. Steering Group members are:
Environment Agency – Andrew Turner
Forestry Commission Scotland – John Dougan
Northumberland National Park Authority – Pauline Wall
Scottish Borders Council – Ian Aikman
Scottish Environment Protection Agency – Roy Richardson
Scottish Government Rural Payments & Inspections Directorate – Quintin Donald
Scottish Natural Heritage – Niall Corbett
Scottish Land & Estates – TBC
Tweed Forum Chairman – James Hepburne Scott
Tweed Forum Trustee – Debbie Playfair
Tweed Forum Trustee – Jim Hume
Tweed Forum Trustee – Norman Howitt
UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science – Prof. Christopher Spray
West Fenton Farm – Simon Henderson