Carbon offset

You can now offset your carbon footprint by supporting specific carbon capture projects throughout the Tweed catchment.

Our modern way of life unavoidably impacts on the environment. A major concern is the generation of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, which directly contributes to global warming. Almost everything we do in daily life involves the creation of carbon dioxide, either directly or indirectly. Everything from driving your car to purchasing a new mobile phone, to switching on a lamp. The amount of carbon dioxide you are responsible for generating is known as your “carbon footprint”.

At Tweed Forum we have teamed up with Forest Carbon to offer you the opportunity to compensate for, or offset, your carbon footprint. Tweed Forum is well-known for delivering environmental improvements to freshwater and riparian habitats in the Tweed catchment and you can offset your carbon footprint by funding us to carry out specific carbon capture projects on your behalf. Carbon capture projects typically involve tree-planting, however, we may also be able to offer peatland restoration as an option in the near future. These carbon capture projects will aim to cancel out your carbon footprint, giving you peace of mind that your lifestyle no longer contributes to climate change. You can choose to offset your carbon footprint in your direct locality or you can ask us to use your offset where it is needed most.

At Tweed Forum, we can give you specific advice on how to calculate and offset your carbon footprint, please contact us on or 01896 849723 to discuss.