Flood Management in Borderlands

Based around the Bowmont-Glen, Eddleston and Wooler Water, the aim of this project is to help develop better resilience to flooding, in rural areas, through natural flood management. It will do so by supporting the development of networks and creative knowledge exchange and cooperation between stakeholders including land managers, members of statutory agencies, and local government, businesses and people.

This project looks at the administrative difficulties of managing a river across a border; a river with complex environmental designations and rural development regimes that make integrated management a real challenge. The project will work with the Tweed Forum to ensure continual exchange between researchers and stakeholders. You can read more about this project here.

Recent outputs from the project include:
- Flood Management in Borderlands: Final Research Report (Report, 2012)
- A large scale Catchment Model (for the purposes of demonstrating natural flood management in a rural landscape)
- A Guide to using Community  Mapping and Participatory-GIS (Handbook, 2012)
- Exchanging Knowledge for Flood Risk Management in Borderlands (Video, 2012)

Exchanging Knowledge for Flood Risk Management in Borderlands on Vimeo.

The partners on this project are:
-Elizabeth Oughton  (lead) (Newcastle University)
-Nicola Bissett and Lorna Anness (Tweed Forum)
-Louise Bracken (Geography, Durham University)
-Steve Cinderby and John Forrester, (Stockholm Environment Institute, York University)
-Andrew Donaldson (Planning, Newcastle University)
-David Passmore, (Geography, Newcastle University)
-Christopher Spray and Brian Cook (UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science, University of Dundee)


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