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Real world solutions

Cheviot Futures was an initiative committed to providing practical real-world solutions to the challenges our communities face due to the effects of climate change. The project was a cooperative formed from representatives of agencies and organisations involved in working with the rural communities of north Northumberland.


A simple practical approach

Cheviot Futures took a simple, practical approach to land management that focussed on taking action to adapt to the effects of the changing climate. These impacts include increased rainfall and more severe storms, which can lead to flooding and riverbank erosion. Periods of low rainfall can lead to droughts and extreme temperatures can trigger wildfires and damage crops.

Progress to date.......
Bar Apex Logjam on the BowmontA number of capital works projects have been completed through Cheviot Futures. The primary focus has been on the Bowmont-Glen catchment due to the severe flooding damage that has taken place there in recent years. Following the completion of the Bowmont-Glen Catchment Management Report by MNV in 2010, negotiations took place with landowners to implement some of the recommendations in the report.  You can find an excellent account of Cheviot Future's work, in the Bowmont-Glen catchment and beyond, through the project archive here

Cheviot Futures Case Study: Floodplain Fencing Specification (Dec 2012)
Cheviot Futures Case Study: Strategic Native Planting (Dec 2012)
Cheviot Futures Case Study: Sustainable Riparian Management (Dec 2012)
Cheviot Futures Case Study: Sustainable Riverbank Protection (Dec 2012)
Cheviot Futures Case Study: Wildfire Water Resource Pond
Cheviot Futures Case Study: Reducing Poaching Around Livestock Feeding Points
Cheviot Futures Newslettter Spring/Summer 2012
Cheviot Futures Newslettter Summer 2011



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