Current Projects

The Eddleston Water

The main aim of the Eddleston Water Project is to investigate if changes in land use management and the restoration of natural habitats can help improve the river valley for wildlife and reduce the risk of flooding in Eddleston and Peebles.

Scottish Borders LUS

The Scottish Borders has been selected by the Scottish Government as one of two pilot areas to develop a pilot regional land use framework, more commonly known as the Land Use Strategy pilots.


Borders Wader Initiative

As part of the Quixwood windfarm biodiversity offset scheme, funding has been secured to develop the Borders Wader Initiative. The initiative will create new wetland habitats, ponds, scrapes and facilitate wet grassland management for breeding waders.


Airhouse Ponds

The Dun Law Windfarm Extension habitat mitigation project has created an opportunity for habitat enhancement and natural flood management on the upper Gala Water.

Newly created pond

As part of the Langhope Rig windfarm biodiversity offset scheme, funding has been secured to develop two biodiversity conservation projects.


Tweed Forum is assisting Scottish Natural Heritage in promoting the Peatland Action Fund.


European Otter

Tweed Forum has been commissioned by the Environment Agency to develop a long-term strategy to improve the physical condition of the River Till.

Tweed Invasives Project

This project delivers a comprehensive control programme for Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed in the Tweed catchment. Methods for control of Himalayan Balsalm are also being trialled.


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