Our publications list is a great introduction to the work of Tweed Forum. Listed below you’ll find material ranging from river restoration case studies to project leaflets to complex catchment management plans.  We also have a bespoke Eddleston Water Project database containing a wide range of project reports, articles and images/videos. And don’t forget our Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel.


Tweed Matters Newsletter

Newsletter of the Tweed Forum
Tweed Matters 2018Download
Tweed Matters 2016Download
Tweed Matters 2015Download
Tweed Matters 2014Download
Tweed Matters 2013Download

Implementing Natural Flood Management Measures

A series of non-technical summaries (2015)
Establishing floodplain woodlands: Case Study 1Download
Creating floodplain woodland and wetland habitats: Case Study 2Download
Sustainable riverbank management and restoration: Case Study 3Download
Creating flow restrictors, protecting banksides: Case Study 4Download
Re-meandering of a straightened watercourse (Shiphorns/Shiplaw): Case Study 5Download
Re-meandering of a straightened watercourse (Cringletie/Lake Wood): Case Study 6
Creating habitat mosaics: Case Study 7Download
Native woodland planting: Case Study 8Download
Floodplain habitat management: Case Study 9Download
Moorland management and riparian woodland planting: Case Study 10Download

General publications

At the heart of land and water management on Tweed (Leaflet, 2015)Download
Controlling Invasive Plants in the Tweed Catchment (Leaflet, 2016)Download
The Eddleston Water Project (Leaflet, 2015)Download
Gravel Working in Scottish Salmon Rivers (Leaflet, SNH, 2009)Download
River Till Restoration Strategy (2013)Download
River Tweed SAC and SSSI - Advice for developers and competent authorities (Advice note, 2017)Download
Tweed Catchment Bio-Security Plan (2011–2016)Download
Tweed Catchment Management Plan (2015-2021)Download
Tweed Catchment Management Plan Review (2015)Download
Tweed Catchment Publication List (2017)Download
Tweed Invasives Project (Case study, 2006)Download
Tweed Wetland Strategy (2010)Download