Tweed Rivers Heritage Project

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The Tweed Rivers Heritage Project was a pioneering partnership initiative managed through the Tweed Forum with the aim “to conserve, enhance and raise awareness of the natural, built and cultural heritage of the rivers and valleys of the Tweed catchment and develop the recreational opportunities and the quality of life in the region”.

The project consisted of over 50 initiatives involving an extremely diverse range of partners and was developed over two phases with Phase I beginning in 1999, amounting to £4 million, and Phase II starting in 2002 with a spend of £5 million. The £9 million total spend was largely funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (45%) with the remaining match funding coming from an extremely wide range of sources. The project championed a truly partnership approach due to the fact that all stakeholders were involved and all areas of the rivers rich heritage were addressed. As such it is was seen at a national level as a blueprint for holistic and integrated catchment management.

The projects fell into four main categories – natural heritage; access and recreation; built and cultural heritage; education and interpretation – although many of the schemes addressed more than one of these areas. Our review of the project has details of specific projects, partners and associated costs for the initiatives delivered under the Tweed Rivers Heritage Project contact Tweed Forum, or for the Tweed Rivers Heritage Project Review detailing all the outputs of the Project and the socio-economic impact of the work.