Project videos

You can find out more about the Project from our videos below

This video was created by our project partner, the British Geological Society (BGS). It outlines work to re-meander a section of the Eddleston Water just 3 miles upstream of Peebles, at Lake Wood, in summer 2013.  The meanders are designed to provide natural flood alleviation downstream. BGS scientists are using repeat drone surveys as well as sediment capture to monitor the evolution of the new meanders over time, and to study river bank erosion and sediment transport in a dynamic system.

This drone footage shows re-meandering of a previously channelised section of the Eddleston Water, near Cringletie (about 3 miles upstream of Peebles), in summer 2013.  (Note there is no audio.)

This short video provides some background information on natural flood management. It’s an excerpt from a more in-depth video, below.

This longer video outlines the concepts underpinning natural flood management, and uses real-life examples from the Eddleston Water Project to explain how NFM can benefit communities at risk of flooding.  Two useful links referred to in the two natural flood management videos above are the flooding section of the SEPA website and the flooding section of the Scottish Government website.