Project aims

The main aims of the Project are to investigate the possibility of reducing the risk of flooding to the communities of Eddleston and Peebles by restoring some of the original natural features of the catchment; work with landowners and communities in the Eddleston valley to maximise the benefits they would gain from such work, while maintaining the profitability of local farms; and improve the river habitat for wildlife and fisheries.

World Water Congress delegates from Japan, Philippines, Mexico, USA, Canada and Italy visit the Eddleston catchment

We are committed to sharing the outcomes of the project with interested parties and are continually disseminating information about our activities to a wide range of audiences including academics, policy makers, farmers and farm advisers, NGOs, Scottish local authorities, schools and the general public. Our outreach ranges from attending local community council meetings to showcasing our work at Scottish agricultural shows; from presenting at international conferences to hosting field visits to the Eddleston catchment (see opposite). For example, presentations, papers, field visits and workshops have been given to the British Hydrological Society, SNIFFER Scottish Government flood conferences, Swedish West Gottland EPA, Danish Gudenna River Committee, Insight Catchment Exchange and the UNESCO HELP conference.