The Eddleston Water Project

The Eddleston Water Project aims to reduce flood risk and restore the Eddleston Water for the benefit of the local community and wildlife

A series of practical works (such as re-meandering, which you can see in the image to your right) are now taking place throughout the Eddleston catchment as part of an overall plan to restore the river and valley. We will also be exploring how changes in land management might reduce flood risk for downstream communities. These practical works are being closely monitored by the project partnership. An in-depth project progress report is available here.

The project is a partnership initiative led by Tweed Forum, with the Scottish GovernmentScottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and University of Dundee. Other key partners include British Geological Survey, Scottish Borders Council, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Forestry Commission, National Farmers’ Union of Scotland, the Tweed Foundation, Forest Carbon and the Woodland Trust. Tweed Forum works closely with landowners and the local community so that everyone can contribute ideas and follow the project’s progress.

For further information, please contact:
Luke Comins (Project Manager, Tweed Forum)
Prof. Chris Spray (Dundee University)