Delivering Peatland Action

In 2017, applications were submitted by Tweed Forum to Peatland Action to fund restoration works at two sites in the Southern Uplands; Dryhope and Winterhope Moss. Work was completed by February 2018, and the sites were restored using a mixture of ditch blocking and peat hag re-profiling. The landowner at Dryhope agreed to a 60 year contract with Forest Carbon to maintain the peatland in its restored state and will receive payments for the associated carbon savings. This is the first site in Scotland to be certified by IUCN, through the Peatland Code.

Common SundewRestoration works were carried out in early 2018 at Peel Fell, at 600m above Wauchope Forest. Funding secured through Peatland Action allowed for the restoration of a 10 hectare area of severely eroded peat. Using brash-spreading techniques, large areas bare mineral soil and peat pans were re-vegetated. Gullied areas were blocked with bunds and 2800 m of peat hags were re-profiled. A further funding round opened in March 2018. Four applications have been submitted by Tweed Forum for restoration projects at sites including Gameshope Valley, Carrifran, Grey Mares Tail and Leadburn Community Woodland. If funding is secured, restoration works will be carried out on these sites later in the year. Three raised bog restoration projects on Rosebery Estate, Midlothian, are also in line for Peatland Action funding. These works will be managed by Tweed Forum.

Through Peatland Action funding Tweed Forum are continuing to survey areas of deep peat. Over 600 ha of peat depth surveys have been carried out in the Moffat Hills area in 2018. Further sites in the Ettrick Valley and Liddesdale are also being scoped out for future funding applications.