Peatland Action Fund

Tweed Forum is continuing to assist Scottish Natural Heritage in promoting the Peatland Action Fund. The main objective of the Fund is to restore and manage peatlands (over 50 cm deep) for climate change mitigation. Peatlands mitigate against climate change by continuing to store existing carbon within the peat, if left undisturbed. They also actively capture carbon from the atmosphere through the natural processes of peatland growth. The Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan has set targets for the restoration of 20,000 hectares of peatland per year, with 250,000 hectares expected to be restored by 2032.


Tweed Forum assesses peatland conditions as part of a survey to identify areas suitable for restoration. ©Phil Wilkinson

The Fund also works to raise awareness of peatland ecosystem services; highlighting the value of peatlands in enhancing wildlife conservation, combating climate change and assisting with water flow regulation, as well as exploring how to increase peatland resilience to the effects of climate change and encouraging innovation in restoration techniques. The Peatland Action Fund has already supported the restoration of over 10,000 hectares of peatland throughout Scotland.

For further information on undertaking peatland restoration in your area, please contact Tweed Forum are available, on behalf of Peatland Action, to carry out peatland condition surveys, provide advice on restoration and assist with funding applications.

You can also find out how Peatland Action is already being delivered in the Tweed catchment or visit Scottish Natural Heritage’s Peatland Action pages for videos and guidance.


The scale of the problem, a colossal eroding peat hagg
The scale of the problem, a colossal eroding peat hagg