Craik Sustainable Flood Management Demonstration Project

The Craik Sustainable Flood Management Demonstration Project was a partnership project involving support from SBC, SEPA, WWF, SNH, FCS and the Scottish Government and aimed to demonstrate the potential of natural remedial techniques to help increase flood storage and slow down run-off in order to alleviate flood events. The project consultants were MNV Consulting Ltd.

UPDATE August 2009

The meander restoration phase of the project has been completed this month, with 3 log jams redirecting the flow into the restored meander section. The works took 5 days and were completed without incident.



UPDATE April 2009

The meander restoration phase of this project was scheduled for summer 2008, however, this was postponed due to poor weather and the necessary timescales of the Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) licensing process. Having successfully gained the CAR licence in October 2008, we now intend to carry out the meander re-instatement during summer 2009. In addition, following comments from an independent study, a further monitoring station was installed downstream of the meander restoration site to provide an even more robust baseline against which effects may be measured. The riparian planting has been receiving attention too, with replacement of dead trees and some preventative spraying against weevil infestation taking place.

UPDATE April 2008

A considerable amount of time has been spent on this project, largely dealing with queries from community members. Discrepancies between the Forests and Water Guidelines and WWF’s vision for the project have been highlighted as being of great concern. The differences are, in fact, minor but Tweed Forum agreed to host a meeting between the agencies on the subject to provide some clarity. A public meeting at Roberton was then held in February, with key people from the Council, Forestry Commission, WWF and Mountain Environments (project consultants) clarifying the issues. Tweed Forum has been carrying out the necessary work to achieve consent from SEPA for the meander restoration. Forum has also put the planting work out to tender and this will be carried out in the coming weeks. This carefully designed planting strategy will create the ‘leaky barriers’ that should slow down flow during flood events. Due to channel changes in the January floods, only one meander will be restored (3 were originally planned). This will free up monies to do work further upstream where the community feel the work is really required.

UPDATE April 2007

It is now a year since the Forum invited WWF to speak about the relevance of wetland riparian habitat enhancement in the role of flood attenuation. Since then, Tweed Forum has been working with the Council and WWF developing a pilot project on Forestry Commission land that demonstrates some of the Sustainable Flood Management (SFM) techniques on the Borthwick Water. The Craik Sustainable Flood Management Pilot is a partnership project involving support from SBC, SEPA, WWF, SNH, FCS and SEERAD and aims to demonstrate the multifaceted nature of wetlands and riparian habitats. Work being proposed as part of the project includes restoration of the main channels through the recreation of meanders and bank protection measures, the restoration of tributaries and burns, and the creation of riparian woodlands. Although the project is still in its development phase, it is attracting a lot of interest both locally and nationally. A presentation on the project to MSP’s and policy makers at the Scottish Parliament on 6th February 2007 was well attended and received.