Tweed Forum Working Groups

The detailed Actions within the Tweed Catchment Management Plan arise from a cascade of Aims, Objectives and Targets. These Actions ultimately result in projects delivered in the right place, at the right scale.

Working Groups are an intrinsic part of our catchment management planning process. They take the cascading Strategic Aims, Objectives, Targets and Actions of the Tweed Catchment Management Plan and deliver action on the ground, generally in the form of specific projects. As local knowledge is vital in ensuring best use of available funds and resources, Working Group members are local stakeholders with specific expertise. The groups meet several times throughout the year as necessary.

Our most active working group is the Riverworks Working Group. It meets annually to discuss specific engineering activities and how they are regulated. It also provides an ideal forum for streamlining overlapping regulation and airing forthcoming works well in advance of execution. Whilst it has always reviewed the local authority’s roads, bridges and flooding alleviation works, it is increasingly looking at water bodies that are failing for morphology under the Water Framework Directive and what can be done to enhance their status.