Borders Tree Planting Grant


There is still time to plant trees this winter and given the number of old trees that have fallen to winter gales this year, there has never been a more important time to plant.

In response to concerns over the loss of mature trees in the landscape, a number of organisations have come together to help promote tree planting and offer advice and financial assistance on tree species selection and tree protection. Native broadleaved trees are the preferred choice for planting within the Borders Tree Planting Grant.

During last summer and autumn, grants of up to £1,000 were accessed by a number of successful applicants. Tree planting schemes included items such as hedgerow tree planting along farm field boundaries, planting in school grounds, parkland tree planting, orchard planting and planting up small clumps of trees in field corners.

Application forms can be downloaded from the scheme administrators (Tweed Forum and Borders Forest Trust) websites. Tree planting advice can also be sought from staff based at these organisations.

Amenity Trees

(Footnote- The scheme is supported financially by: Forestry Commission Scotland, Woodland Trust Scotland, Fallago Environment Fund and Scottish Borders Council.)

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