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Restoration of Redpath Village Hall – Redpath Village Hall Association (completed)
This important historical building has now been restored, ensuring the facility continues to serve the Redpath community.
Grant Awarded: £13,800
Total Project Cost: £27,819
Schools Countryside Day - Border Union Agricultural Society (ongoing)
The Fund is contributing to this annual event, held at the Border Union Showground, where around 50 organisations offer various activities to educate P5 children throughout the Scottish Borders about the countryside, rural issues and the environment they live in. Over 1200 children attend, with the help of nearly 100 volunteers.
Grant Awarded:£30,480
Total Project Cost: £71,860

Future Proofing Football - Coldstream Football Club (completed)
Formed over 118 years ago, Coldstream Football Club is one of the oldest football clubs in Scotland.  Coldstream FC is upgrading Home Park and the Fund has supported the installation of railings and a park gate, as part of a wider plan to improve safety and secure the Club's SFA membership.
Grant Awarded: £3,730
Total Project Cost: £7,460


Restoration of St Boswells Village Hall – St Boswells Public Hall Management Committee  (completed)
Restoration of this village hall, dating back to 1896, has created a modern high-quality venue for the community of St Boswells.
Grant Awarded: £9,600
Total Project Cost: £339,377

Rehouse and expand Ellem Fishing Club Museum - Ellem Fishing Club (completed)
The Museum received funding to relocate to a larger room within Paxton House and expand an array of exhibits, wall displays and an interactive computer system.
Grant Awarded: £3,853
Total Project Cost: £7,991

Sounding Hawick’s Brass – Hawick Saxhorn Band (completed)

Founded in 1855, Hawick Saxhorn Band promotes the playing and appreciation of music through education and performance and the band plays a part in the annual Hawick Common Riding celebrations.  FEF contributed towards the purchase of 3 new instruments.
Grant Awarded: £3,256
Total Project Cost: £6,512

A Son of Kelso on the Somme (completed)
In this book, Dr Derek Robeson shares the personal letters, photographs and experiences of his grandfather, who survived three years in the frontline trenches of the Western Front in World War 1.  Dr Robeson expands, "A primary objective of this book, was to get the family photographs and letters reproduced before they faded from view and to piece them together, in a meaningful way as a family record. The book is also an educational resource, intended for upper secondary school age children, but hopefully it will have a wider appeal to all age groups, as an interesting piece of social history."
Grant Awarded: £3,156
Total Project Cost: £6,312

Westruther Village Hall Energy Efficiency Initiative - Westruther Public Hall Trustees (completed)
Solar photovoltaic panels have been installed at the village hall, reducing CO2 emissions and improving financial sustainability, as part of a wider initiative to make the hall as environmentally sustainable as possible.  Other upgrades include draught-proofing, thermostatic radiator control, LED light fittings and improved glazing.
Grant Awarded: £5,763
Total Project Cost: £11,526

Widows and Bairns Bronze - Eyemouth & District Fishermen's Association (completed)
This 5-metre long bronze sculpture, commemorating the 1881 Eyemouth fishing disaster, is placed prominently on the seafront at Eyemouth.  The sculpture depicts the 78 widows and 182 children looking out to sea for fishing boats that never returned.
Grant Awarded: £53,142
Total Project cost: £112,084

Chirnside Community Centre - Chirnside Development Group (completed)
A community-led refurbishment project, upgrading a prime C-listed building at the heart of the Chirnside community.  Due to its listed status, the neo-gothic building's modernisation is sympathetic to the existing structure, whilst providing a facility fit for purpose for the many community groups which use the Centre.
Grant Awarded: £35,000
Total Project Cost: £398,049


Coldingham Priory Community Archaeology Project - Friends of Coldingham Priory (completed) 
Looking for new sub-soil evidence of the early, pre-Norman monastic settlement close to Coldingham Priory, a geophysical survey of the glebe field to the east of the Priory Church was undertaken in 2014.  The survey detected anomalies, particularly geomagnetic anomalies, many of which are potentially of archaeological interest.
Grant Awarded: £2,980
Total Project Cost: £5,976

Record, Conserve, Restore: surveying at Talla and Gameshope Valleys – Borders Forest Trust (completed) 
Vegetation and biological surveys, carried out in 2014, are the first steps towards ecological restoration of the Talla & Gameshope valleys. The Talla & Gameshope valleys were acquired by Borders Forest Trust in 2013 and offer a rare opportunity to restore a large area of hills and upland valleys to their natural state.  (Image courtesy of Colin McLean).
Grant Awarded: £9,150
Total Project Cost: £18,250


Borders Tree Planting Grant - Tweed Forum (completed)
Trees are an extremely important feature of the Borders landscape. The Borders Tree Planting Grant offers financial assistance to plant individual trees or small clumps of trees, in order to retain this landscape resource for the benefit of people, communities and wildlife. Trees are being lost to disease and old age and the Grant is designed to encourage people to plant new trees, specifically trees and woodlands that fall below eligibility for the Scottish Rural Development Programme.
Grant Awarded: £30,500
Total Project Cost: £99,000

Conservation of Torwoodlee Tower - Torwoodlee & Buckholm Estates (completed)
This restoration project has preserved the ruin of Torwoodlee Tower (a scheduled ancient monument) and ensured safe public access.  The Tower is a key part of the Braw Lads’ Week ceremonies in Galashiels when the Principals, The Braw Lad and the Braw Lass, come as representatives of the People of Galashiels to ask for a sod and a stone in commemoration of the 1503 Act of Sasine when James IV of Scotland married Margaret Tudor and was granted the lands of the Ettrick Forest.
Grant Awarded: £75,000
Total Project Cost: £154,650

Angraflats Off-road Cycle Trail - Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club (completed)
With Fund support, Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club have created 2.5km of off-road cycle trails on the outskirts of Kelso.  Providing an off-road venue for the Eastern Borders, the trails also offer a first class training facility for Kelso Wheelers Youth Club, encouraging more kids to get out on their bikes.
Grant Awarded: £29,115
Total Project Cost: £58,230

Bowden Common: Access and Habitat Conservation - Trustees of Bowden Common (completed)
Creating a circular walking route around Bowden Common, this project has also restored habitat for local wildlife.
Grant Awarded: £3,944
Total Project Cost: £10,744

Scottish Borders Countryside Initiative - RHET (ongoing)
This initiative is providing educational experiences for primary and secondary school pupils on a real farm, in conjunction with in-school presentations.
Grant Awarded: £7,422
Total Project Cost: £14,970

Trimontium Museum - Trimontium Trust (completed)
Looking at options for extending and refurbishing Trimontium Museum, situated in the heart of Melrose, this feasibility study suggested utilising a courtyard to the rear of the existing building to provide updated facilities. 
Grant Awarded: £5,000
Total Project Cost: £10,000

Kelso Town Hall 200 Celebrations - Friends of Kelso Museum (completed)
Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the building of Kelso Town Hall, the local community ran a programme of community and cultural events ran throughout the summer and autumn of 2016.
Grant Awarded: £4,220
Total Project Cost: £8,440

Repair, Conservation & Interpretation of the Medieval Lennel Kirk - Coldstream's Heritage Ltd (ongoing)
Restoration of this important medieval kirk, on the outskirts of Coldstream, has been wholeheartedly embraced by the community of Coldstream, who have set up Coldstream's Heritage Ltd to oversee the work. 
Grant Awarded: £18,000
Total Project Cost: £142,257

The Jim Clark Museum - The Jim Clark Trust (ongoing)

Situated in Duns, the museum will be dedicated to promoting the life and legacy of double F1 Champion and Indianapolis 500 winner Jim Clark; alongside the heritage, culture and love of farming life in the Scottish Borders.  A modern, dynamic museum providing an important tourist attraction for visitors, delivering significant economic, social and employment benefits to the Scottish Borders community.

The following organisations have also received Core Funding support:
Borders Youth Theatre  www.bordersyouththeatre.co.uk/
Connect Berwickshire  http://connectbyp.org/
Gunsgreen House www.gunsgreenhouse.org/
Southern Uplands Partnership www.sup.org.uk/

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