2018 Tweed Forum River Champion announced

Many congratulations to our 2018 Tweed Forum River Champion, Eric Hastings

Eric has worked on the river for 41 years, carrying out tasks that range from tracking and catching poachers and regulating rod fishing to carrying out fish monitoring surveys and dealing with pollution incidents, invasive plant species, illegal engineering works and obstructions in the water. Recently retired, his career at the River Tweed Commission saw him develop an encyclopaedic knowledge of the river and rise to the rank of Chief Inspector and Superintendent. Eric has an unrivalled knowledge of the Tweed and its tributaries the Till, Whiteadder, Teviot, Ettrick and Yarrow, which he has frequently navigated at speed, often in the dark.

We feel he’s a truly worthy recipient of this year’s award, which is given to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the protection and enhancement of the River Tweed and the natural, built and cultural heritage of its surroundings. Find out more here http://tweedforum.org/our-work/river-champion/